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Hello, Im Sam Woollett im 15 years old and i love music, life, friends, and my gf

nothing intersting lol

Yesturday, nothing much really happened, was ill, felt crap, lol
got to me dads, internet was spazzed, but luckily emma was nice and said fridays dont count :D
so im still in this bet of ours :P
Me and me step sis, lou, played this game on the pc where you have to find these objects in a place and other related things, we played it till like 11, when we got tired, and went to bed ,lol

woke up at like 11 in the morning
hair was a mess
didnt really do much today either :\
Todays been, eventfull really, but wont go into details, private
but ill tell ya something, i was bloody good at wii bowling today, got stricks, without even standing or looking, thats skill :P lol
i went out after, to stev, for like an hour, saw stev emma and laura, was goood :D
got home, had pizza, and then sat down and relaxed
and mum said we might get sky hd soon, cause its cheap atm :P WOOP
hopefully something more intersting happens 2moro, for your sakes, lol
love you all

Thanks emma, nearly forgot

i nearly forgot to do me daily blog post, but then emma mentioned a song on her blog, and it reminded me , lol, CHEERS
so im hoping my internet dont like completly die on me while i do this, cause 1. i cant live without internet, and 2. i would of lost thee old bet, lol

so i woke up today, and my head felt proper bad, still a bit ill from yesturday, but my tummy ache had gone, just thee headache
was soo pleased that it wasnt proper school, learning progress day, woop de woop.
so in the morning i didnt really do much
so then came the actual lpd, me and mum hoped into our taxi, and made our way to school. got their, signed in, and made our way to me tutor room, i was glad it was in the decent part of school ,lol
so we had to wait for a bit cause the person before was rather late, or running over time
got in
and basically, im doing really well, apart from science, so im going to science revision classes, oh joy, lol
and we were talking about me health and how i have to talk to mum more and shizzle, lol

so that was that
got home
had lunch
which i didnt really eat, cause im not really feeling hugry cause im a bit ill
got changed, went out to collect me lovely girlfriend and went to stev's
felt much better by then
we watched battle royal, a tottaly awesome film
look it up
about this wierd japaniese law thing and these school kids go to this camp and have to kill eachother and only one can win, pretty fucked up story, but good, hopefully, it aint true ,lol

great film though
you can watch it on youtube, loook it up, i cba to link, cba to even write this really, but i have to :P
well, thats it really, tired,
might go to bed soon
byee guys
love youu

Woop de woop, 2nd post

Well, today hasnt been the best, but it hasent been the worst.
So, last night, we found out my great grandma sadly died, so im a bit upset, we all are. She was getting very old, nearly 90! and has been ill for quite some time. but she died peacfully, so its all good.

So, today, i woke up, like normal, and was hoping for snow. only to look out my window and see, normalness. ahh well. so, i get ready, trying to take me mind off things. didnt help having a stomach ache, which i had ALL DAY, lol
So, left for school, only to get half way up my road, and then i remembered. i had art! so had to run back, and get me art folder, its huge. well not huge, but quite annoying to hold.
So all this rnb shizzle played on me zen, but i kinda liked it, so left it :P
In no time, i was nearly at school, and i kinda walked out infront of a car. i didnt look, was in a world of my own, and it beeped at me, but it should of let me go anyway, its a school road!
So then i carried on walking, and then saw emma. she didnt see me, so i text her, but the text i sent connected to what she was texting someone eles, and didnt realise it was me, lol.
Got into school, and found kirtsy alying in my seat for tutur! but good old emma soon budged her, and i sat down. Wasnt really in a talking mood, but tried to act as normal as possible. My mum had rung the school about me loss, and my lovely tutor, miss munday, said i could go see her at anytime if i felt i needed to go home. which i thought was lovely.
By this time my tummy was hurting quite a bit, but i still went on like a troper :P !
first, i had ict, with my dear chelsea!
Mr smith kept taking over me computer though, lol, at first i thought it was haunted! lol
ICT went well, and next came business. wasnt too bad either, and we have to do this thing with 10 quid, i cant be bothered to explain, but me and emma are making belts, and selling em , should be fun :D
next came break, i was thinking of going to medical, but thought, ill try and get through till lunch. which i did!
Next was business again, and that was ok.
We wrote cvs , again, we had already done it in pse, so now i have 2, lol
Then came art
i was dreading it
im really not enjoying it
but miss was away, and sat with emma and adam, and thourgly enjoyed it. i work better with friends :D
then came lunch, that wasnt too bad, had some laughs
then afternoon reg, that was alright
then came science, with, miss mardon, oh joy!
i felt really ill, thought i was gonna pass out at one point, but i survived!
then came home time, so i was looking for my lovely laura, eventually she arrived, and we made our way home!
Felt like crap, but laura helped me get better once we got to mine
got me sis's lovely pink heart shaped hot water bottle, and some pills, and was soon on the road to recovery. was nice to just hold my laura, and the time flyed!
so after some time, i took her home, and on the way there was youths fighting, was funny, but scary at the same time. goodbyes were quick, as she was late enough as it was, lol. and made my way home. street was cleared, which was lucky, kinda threatening walking alone round them kinda people.
got home, sat down, and tried to eat dinner, but couldnt really eat much
and now, im just chillaxing
and theres no school, proper school anyway, tomorrow, all good :D
and that was my day
wow this was long.
BYE xx



Well well well, what do we have here, a blog you say, wonderful!

Now, this is really for a bet, but i will keep this up, if its the last thing i do! hehe

So, here in england, we have had many a snowflake fall onto our land. thanks to the snow, school has been cancelled!!! make me soooooooo happy, lol

the picture is somewhere, of the snow, lol
so today, the snow wasnt as bad, but it was bad ass ice, and was pretty dangerous to go out, so farther let me have the day off, oh you gotta love him
today, i gottta do art coursework, to keep mother happy, shes getting me art supplies, which is rather lovely of her :P
ahh ill update ya on my sad life later,
byeee x