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Hello, Im Sam Woollett im 15 years old and i love music, life, friends, and my gf

nothing intersting lol

Yesturday, nothing much really happened, was ill, felt crap, lol
got to me dads, internet was spazzed, but luckily emma was nice and said fridays dont count :D
so im still in this bet of ours :P
Me and me step sis, lou, played this game on the pc where you have to find these objects in a place and other related things, we played it till like 11, when we got tired, and went to bed ,lol

woke up at like 11 in the morning
hair was a mess
didnt really do much today either :\
Todays been, eventfull really, but wont go into details, private
but ill tell ya something, i was bloody good at wii bowling today, got stricks, without even standing or looking, thats skill :P lol
i went out after, to stev, for like an hour, saw stev emma and laura, was goood :D
got home, had pizza, and then sat down and relaxed
and mum said we might get sky hd soon, cause its cheap atm :P WOOP
hopefully something more intersting happens 2moro, for your sakes, lol
love you all


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